The Truth

Never heard a word about you before
Never thought that love would grow
Never expected any one would ever win this heart and soul
Never dream of such beautiful love

only your words subside my fears
only your smile cast away my tears
only your kisses that I long to feel
only your undying love would always make me real

these are my devoted words for you
these are my unselfish need of love so true
these are me, my self and I given just for you
these are the TRUTH

4 Responses to “The Truth”

  1. mana neh puisi yang baru lage….

  2. salam kenal,by blogwalker
    blog yg bagus sekali,
    ane tertarik untuk mengajak agan bertukar link dngn blog ane yg baru ber PR3 and, jika berminat, konfirmasi ane via komentar di salah satu artikel saya, kl bisa link saya sudah dipasang dengan anchor : Marketing and Business, ma business online ya. trimakasih

  3. Tolong di Indonesia-in dunk…..

    • duuh… kalo di Indonesia-in..ilang “chemistry” na…nah lo…
      Insya Allah, puisi yg akan datang lebih banyak berbahasa Indonesia..

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