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book on a shelf

Posted in POETRY with tags , , , , , , , , on June 9, 2011 by will
Submitted by: akuma
Author: akuma

tears fall when i remember
it was a month before September
i was outside having fun
not knowing what you had begun
the car driving down the street
made me quick on my feet
i ran after it as it went past
i never knew i could run that fast
not knowing the information the driver carried
that was back when both my parents were married
the car pulled up to my house
i crept up as silent as a mouse
i heard things i wish i never had
cause they were really badyears later i still wish i never new
then i was 11 or 12
i cant really remember myself
now i am 17
i walk threw school hoping not to be seen
cause if seen, some may want to be my friend
then they will know the truth in the end
the truth of my past
cause then i don’t know if the friendship will last
cause i cant take it
cause then i have to deal with shit
“I’m sorry” is what i hear
those two words i fear
for i hate people feeling sorry for me
I’m not the one who did it, you see
it was all him, the man i call my father
hes the one who did it, “I’m sorry” , why bother

i don’t need sympathy
it means nothing to me
i hide what i feel inside
bring it all out?…I’ve tried
cause what i feel
i can not heal
the pain inside
i try so hard to hide
the feelings of sadness, betrayal and hate
that’s all i feel at this rate
cause of what he did to me
though i know he’ll never see

my childhood wasn’t all that great
cause of what he did,settled my fate
so now-a-days i sit and i wait
till the day he returns so i can tell him his fate
the day when i can tell him how i feel
till then, my feelings are sealed

by now you wonder what he did
i think i might tell you, no fib
he burnt my home down you see
that’s what changed for me
he also did something else to change me
but i cant tell you sorry
for its so bad that i cant say
hope you can understand that someday
i know now you really want to know
but sorry i have to go
I’ll leave you all at this
though i feel as if something is amiss
that may be the fact i left almost everything out
now i know your going to pout
cause you know i didn’t tell you everything
but, there are somethings
that aren’t meant to be said
so please don’t get all red
so with this i bid you a fair goodbye
know that none of this is a lie
for it is the truth about myself
I’m like a book on a shelf
many stories lie within
just open me up and begin