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always follow

your words upon me

though it lead me to sorrow

still I follow the voice you gave to me

each and every moment your shared with other

never I ask you to stop these tears from falling inside me

made believe when you love someone so deep then your heart meant to bleed

wish able to say

No More, please

Steal the Pain

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Submitted by: Avenged One
Author: Avenged One
Oh, how it feels….
To see your heart hurting, is to feel my heart burst
Listening to you cry, is hearing me scream
Watching you fall, means breaking me…
The rays of the sun, holds us high and steals the pain
Yet, the darkness is still there, allowing the pain to creep back in
For there is only one who possess the power,
The power to mend our wounds….
And that power belongs inside the one who feels,
The one who knows your pain more than you do,the one who wishes you could be Safe, away from the antics of the darkness, but for you to be praised in the light and rays of the sun…..confide in me.
But know,
The only thing that makes me special, is because I live in you
So, forget about the darkness, and think upon the light
And look inside yourself
With the light guiding you…..
taking the pain, like it was never here