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finally…got the nerve to pour it out loud


Have any of you ever wonder…

“what can i do to help this vulnerable shivering creatures..

to guide  her and her little one walk away from the ruin of their castle”

rather than that…

all of you delightfully


and tearing a part……

their meat with your cruel claws

left her and her baby

nothing but skinny bones

“those bones are proven for sins and lust…..,”

they said unheartly

“for others to learnt not to ruin their own castle……,”

they shrieking the oath

for none of them acknowledge

it was her effort

to mend the broken walls

it was her sweat and blood

to keep the castle stand tall

for her heart and soul trap

in the dungeon of honour and bond

for her life

have transcedence

to beautiful black eyes

and silky soft white skin

for only those eyes

strengthen her

through out horrible seasons

……….horrible winter……….

………viscious summer……..

…………dry fall………..

……….heartless spring……..

for all she have done

only to kept on

surviving through

the total eclipse of her life

the eclipse of the heart

for more than ten hundred years….

and more thousands of years of eclipse to come….


beyonce’s Song…do you know the title?

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When I First met u
U told me exactly how it would it
U had a lady
And couldn’t spend all ur time with me
I only wanted to kick it
So i said boo u can keep her
Long as u satisfy me

But as the weeks went by
I, I started feeling strange
Sumthin was deep in my heart
Sumthin I can’t explain
I think I’m fallin in love with u boo
I’m needin u so much
I’m cryin just 2 feel ur touch
I gotta leave u

I didn’t wanna a man
I didn’t wanna fall in love and
I didn’t care about ur girl
I didn’t care how we would end up
But that was then this is now
I think i’m experiencing love
I don’t wanna wreck up ur heart
That’s y i’m convinced
I gotta go