Have You Ever

Have You Ever Fall In Love

Have You Ever Thinking Of Someone Till It Hurt


real me

Have You Ever Cried Yourself Till You Fall Asleep

Have You Ever Feel A Butterfly In Your Stomach Each Time Someone Is  Near

Do You Love Me

Do You Think of Me Till it Hurt

Do You Cried Yourself to Sleep Because Of Me

Do You Have A Butterfly I Your Stomach When I’m Near

Will You Ever Do Love Me

Will You Ever Think Of Me

Will You Ever Cry For Me

Will You Ever Have Me….


4 Responses to “Have You Ever”

  1. Wonderful content! This could aid most of us find out about this matter. Would you like to add video clips together with these? It would certainly help out. Your explanation was spot on and owing to you; I probably won’t have to express all sorts of things to my pals. I can simply lead them here.

  2. lol some of the remarks bloggers post really are a bit spacey, once in awhile i think whether these people are actually scan through the pieces and posts before giving a comment or whether they merely skim the article title and write the very first opinion that jumps inside their mind. anyway, it is actually helpful to read sensible commentary every once in awhile in contrast to the identical, old opinion which i very often notice on the net.

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