Poetry of MINE


me n me


what’s the real meaning about it


What’s the real intentions of it


Will it means endless hunger need


Will it means without you forever uncompleted

This is it

Inside me its real beating hard

against my agony


Wouldn’t be near ever again,

once its light disappear

Carry on

Forever buried inside hiding away from selfish need

I’m a winner of lonesome

I’m a warrior of agony

I’m a survivor of dejections

I’m a fighter of  love

Leave me alone

For I never need you

Leave me forever in vain

For only I and heartless rain

Shower me with ignorance

Blind me with shining wings of estrangement


8 Responses to “Poetry of MINE”

  1. WEW !!!

  2. Thanks a lot for the short essay writing connecting with this good post. This is very nice to travel along the make an order!

  3. Do you plan to keep this site updated? I sure hope so… its great!

  4. Interesting conversational poem…I particularly liked last few lines.

    • thanks… It been a while since my last upload. this poem actually made a few months ago, but I forgot all about it till I found my note again ( I wrote my poems anytime, anywhere, on anything…a piece of paper, paper napkin, or notepad…)

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