When you in misery
Just turn around and look there are more to celebrate
When the sun don’t shine
Just turn around and look there are sunflower ever so bright
When the snow pour down
Just look around and feel the warm of love in my heart
When the wind to strong
Just look around and find me fly high and enjoy
When the water flood in
Just turn around and watch me washes away those fault of mine
When you are lonely
Don’t turn around
For I would only put more burden in your heart
For I would spend eternity in lonesome
For I would only be your shadow of agony
For I would only blocking out your dreams to set in
Fly away abandonly, beautiful stranger
Soar out through the heaven above, my only lover
Reach out for the brightest star in the sky, fearless warrior
I will fight those troops of jealousy
I will fight those ghost of selfish need
For I am a lover and I am a fighter of love


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