Never have expected

Fall in love in dale

as high as space

as deep as ocean

Have you ever feel

Sweet painfulness

Have you enquire

would she have my admire

Cannot you see

love reality and bulk love only

bright is never me, its my need

try to  content my heart

so that no one know

so that having you near

won’t make you disappear

If my love frighten you

I will tell everyone I hate you

So you will always be beside me

let me carry my agony as prior

so I let you fly freely my  warrior

bleed my heart, for I don’t care

if it the price I have to pay

for never be alone without you

I don’t wanna be alone

don’t wanna be without you

i’ll take you as anything you can give

as friend or enemy

They say, keep your friend close

But keep your enemy Closer

then if I can choose…

I will have you as my enemy

so I can have you mention in my every word

so I can keep you closer to my heart

so I’ll never be alone without you


One Response to “ALONE”

  1. Turn around brigth eyes, every now and then I fall apart….

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