I shoot for the stars trying to chase my dreams
All the while I feel I’m bursting at my seams
One day I’m happy up higher than I’ll ever be
The next I find myself falling deep into the dark blue sea
Drowning what emotions that are left inside of me

Happiness comes and surrounds me like the wind
But sadness and doubt comes right on in
Leaving me feeling more lonely than I’ve ever been
Why does sadness come and steal all my dreams
Leaving me doubting myself or so it may seem

The sadness overwhelms me each day I awake
Erasing every step and breath that I take
Leaving not a trace of what was, what is or what can be
Leaving me empty, setting me free from all of life’s misery

Do not dream for dreams are just that
Dreams can become nightmares that cause you to doubt
Just live your life as best as you can, be happy with what you’ve got
Make the best of life’s plan
Dreams are o.k. when your asleep
But they are no good when your awake
They will just steal the very breath you take.


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