we don’t need you

Author: akuma


Shy and scared you came up to me.

Wanting to know and wanting to see.

If you could sit out my table.

I never see people as a label.

And so three years have gone.

i guess I can see what went wrong.

Lies started between us.

now your making a fuss.

Your telling people that I’m a fake.

Your saying it only for your sake.

You want to believe that i am.

You just shut me out like a clam.

Now you think you have real friends.

I’m just waiting for them to end.

Then your going to say sorry.

I don’t want you coming back to me.

You can go live a happy life without us.

Just stop saying stuff to make a fuss.

We let you go so just stop it.

We don’t need you, so you need to quit.

(akuma, i wish you don’t mind my posting… ur words describe beautifully days of my life right now…never care but the fuzz but then irritated enough to crumble confidence)

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