beyonce’s Song…do you know the title?

When I First met u
U told me exactly how it would it
U had a lady
And couldn’t spend all ur time with me
I only wanted to kick it
So i said boo u can keep her
Long as u satisfy me

But as the weeks went by
I, I started feeling strange
Sumthin was deep in my heart
Sumthin I can’t explain
I think I’m fallin in love with u boo
I’m needin u so much
I’m cryin just 2 feel ur touch
I gotta leave u

I didn’t wanna a man
I didn’t wanna fall in love and
I didn’t care about ur girl
I didn’t care how we would end up
But that was then this is now
I think i’m experiencing love
I don’t wanna wreck up ur heart
That’s y i’m convinced
I gotta go


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